Mayor Laurent Ballif from Vevey / Switzerland finishes his great work and contribution for ICG!

Laurent started his unique ICG career as early as 1974 when he participated as Coach of Vevey Swimming Team in the 5th International Children's Games in Darmstadt / Germany.

When in 2004 Laurent served as a City Representative of Vevey for the first time during the 38th International Children's Games in Cleveland / USA two of his children competed as athletes for Vevey. His wife Catherine and the two other children were also present. These latter two have been participants of the 33rd International Children's Games in Szombathely / Hungary in 2001 and of the 44th International Children's Games in Manama / Bahrain in 2010.

In 2006 during the 40th International Children's Games in Bangkok / Thailand Laurent served as Mayor / City Representative and, just like in 1974, as a Coach of Vevey Swimming Team.

In 2009 Laurent Ballif together with Mayor Wehrli from Montreux organized the outstanding 4th International Children's Winter Games Montreaux-Vevey / Switzerland next to Lake Geneva.

In 2016 Mayor Laurent Ballif has been a City Representative for the last time in the 7th International Children's Winter Games in Innsbruck / Austria.

Laurents ICG-career over 42 years!!! as a coach, as a father of four children that participated as athletes in the International Children's Games, as mayor / city representative, and - last but not least - as an organizer of Winter Games in Switzerland is simply amazing. His unique support for the development of the International Children's Games deserves great appreciation!

Therefore we wish to say: Merci beaucoup, Mayor Laurent Ballif

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